Do we have time? Is it truly ours? If we are the clay and the potter is God, how can we possess anything…truly? It is God’s time at God’s speed? We can try to measure, try to calculate, even try to save it…yet what did we actually accomplish? Frustration, anxiety or did our watch of it actually cause us to loose true track of it. Where does the time go?  Ahead to God. He is the maker. He is the One with no beginning, nor end. It is us, who live within limits, limits of time. He gives us a choice to be with Him in a timeless eternity, but the door can only open to it, when we open our hearts to Him. This is the key and the gatekeeper actually is you. When are you going to open your heart to enter in for eternity? May it be now! Now truly is all we have. Once over, it was then, not now. So be ready and act now. Open your heart to live on beyond time as we know. Love lives always in God’s account of time for God is Love. Remember love does not die it is the unsurrendeted heart that dies for lack of love. Surrender your time to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Time will be endless in God’s loving embrace for eternity. Let’s all be endless and forget about time!

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