First God First

Many times we use clichés that do not put God in His rightful place, first. We all should think about the phrases and words we use in our everyday language and eliminate anything that demeans God in unrecognized ways.
God demands us to put Him first, it is not anything we can fudge on, nor think we could possibly put  before Him. Who taught us this terrible way to speak and how did we not understand what we are saying? It is easy for the devil to slip in a few words now and then without us realizing it. God’s Word says be slow to speak and quick to listen…must be a really good reason for that!
We are so worried about being politically correct, how about Godly correct! Lord God forgive us our sins and bring us to the everlasting Light. Please Lord bestow upon us the ability to see with all our senses and honor You with all we say and do! Amen.


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