God’s In Control, So Count Your Blessings!

Sometimes in our journey of Life we forget who made us. We think of ourselves, as the sole arena of life’s story. Unbeknownst to us at times, there are others; maybe even looking at us, square in the face.

God gave each of us Life, to be explored and lived; not squandered by selfish desires nor abandoned by solitude and regret. Living is sharing the abundance of joy within us to others.

Remind ourselves that we are not alone in this world and the world does not revolve just around us.. Take our eyes off the media and look in realtime at our neighbors, Maybe then we might see with our hearts when we look in their eyes. We may understand, instead of thinking we know already.

Blessings come in all shapes and forms, we truly need to start counting them. Gratitude with thanksgiving to all is the way to place God first. Without counting our blessings, many are left behind. Let every blessing count,  even the ones we sometimes overlook.


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