Love of God’s Design

pexels-photo-715807697399974.pngCourtship is important to the success of a union designed for Life. Hurrying into intimacy is not only hurtful to God, but also to each of the individuals involved. God’s design is for us to consummate only in a sacred union through marriage and remain together for Life.pexels-photo-247858174717380.jpeg


The beauty of waiting for each other is indescribable. The success of the relationship with God’s blessings is the ultimate reason we all should honor God’s wishes. May more of us start listening to our creator and not the world. He’s the one in control and knows us more than anyone else.


God’s gift of a child and his covering for all His children comes from the sanctified relationship of a man and woman in Holy Matrimony. So many have not done this and the results have been catastrophic. It is never to late to reconcile with God and anyone else. God will bless you and keep you in His humble abode. He will never forsake you when you come with an honest, contrite heart. Even if we did not get it right from the beginning, God has a provision called Forgiveness. Please accept it from Christ and sin no more. Give up the old and start a new. Let the next generation have a good chance at getting it right and any others that may follow. When we get it right again, by listening to Him; we open the doors for the next generations to come to have blessings instead of curses. We can shod their feet with the gospel of peace!


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