Time Is God’s

pexels-photo-196656207894449.jpegThinking we have time on our hands, do we really? If it’s on our hands, we must be wasting it, since idle hands are a waste of our talents. God asks us to multiply our talents, by investing them for His Glory. Giving of ourselves for Him. Time is God’s allowance to us, we must invest it wisely. Once used, it must show a harvest of fruits.

The fruit shows all who we are…God’s children and it gives God the glory…not us. So remember, it is not our time, but His! To God be the Glory. Amen!

What type of fruit do you have in your basket?

The Foundation your tree sits on, should yield you a plentiful harvest. Within the soil, the tiny mustard seed can grow; so, why have we squandered away all our potential growth into worthless things that can be destroyed? Invest our talents so we may further the growth of the tree, building on the truth of what is everlasting, storing our treasures in a tree of life that bears good fruit.

Teach your children well, their Father’s hell does slowly go by. It is not the school, but the family that teaches the values that the child can replicate. Without the family structure in place, what can we possibly build on? There is no foundation and we end up trying to be supported by the sinking sand.
Please Father, I cannot construct a castle, but I can build on the foundation of Love. Love never fails!

I pray with love for my fellow man and I use my patience to love when its hard. Gentleness, Kindness and Self-Control are all attributes I will give to my children and children’s children. May there be a plentiful harvest!

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