Lord, God, Heavenly Father

You are just and righteous. You are also merciful and loving, giving us good gifts. The gifts you give us will be remembered for you know your own fruit. We are your children that produce these fruits. It is by these fruits we are known. When bad fruits are produced those branches are not part of the tree of life.

Please look for the fruits that are Love, Joy , peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, charity, faithfulness, and self-control. . For a good tree does not produce bad fruit! We must look fo the solution to find the answer of who we have not loved. If we exercise the fruits of the spirit Love will mend the heart of both by love and for love. Who is God…Love! Pray for mercy from the Lord for those we each truly have wronged be honest to God with a contrite  heart. He truly is eager to forgive…we are lost sheep to be loved, not slaughtered. Remember God loved us, so He was manifested as a man by the power of the Holy Spirit. A mystery we now know. He allowed us to see perfection with a Way by succumbing to Love in all its shapes and forms. God saw from a human aspect how trials were experienced here on earth. He is coming to be the judge. No man will play judge, jury and executioner in His Kingdom! Amen.

May God help all mankind with the ability to speak kindness, gentleness…being slower to speak and quicker to listening. Please give us the vessels we need for Holiness, by the words from a contrite heart. May those words be the sweetest sound ever in your ears Lord God and may we honor you with all we say and do. Stir in us the ability to give your gifts in our hands with love to others and always shod our feet, where ever we go,with peace…now and forever in your fields of glory!  All producing fruit that will not perish, but gives Life Everlasting. May we speak the language of Love! GOD, I LOVE YOU!!!!!


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