High Priority

Use your muscles and raise your smile for the world to see. 

Whose leading Your Heart?!!!

God all your creatures, great and small know You in their hearts. May we all realize it and show love for them too!

Smile till your Heart is content!! Spread the Word through your Heart by sharing it on your face so the World can see God’s True image radiated from within! 

 Now you are really on FaceBook with the Likes…spreading God’s True image not a frown..all because the foundation it started from came from True Love not intended to bring you down. Let this seed of love fall from above to spread good tidings with God’s perfect Love!

What goes around, comes around, 

A message from the Heart Gallery and I hope it is understood and enlists another smile to go the extra mile! We are surely designing a better world from God’s original design…A world designed with Him in mind! Good from the beginning and built upon with Love.

Keep smiling you are worth it!

 In memory of your last smile…let’s bring it back again! 

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