Whether in the midst of chaos or in solitude, God hears us. He is amongst us looking at us every minute wondering when we will reach out. Reach out with the love He created us with and use our hands with kindness for our fellow man. We each have been given so much if we could take the blinders off and recognize the gifts given for all of us. Not gifts to be squandered or hoarded and kept from one another ; but shared. 

As one may have more than enough another goes without. One goes to a home and family another stays out. One has a mass of friends, the other called an outcast. We have created this imbalance, we are the reason the world looks and behaves as it does. We have disregarded our first love.

He exists among us in many images, yet we fail to recognize Him. The Words He uses, may ring a bell, but we refuse to Listen or acknowledge he is there. He follows us to take our hand when we have lost our way. Lead us dear Father Home. Take our hand and never let us let go.

May we hear you speaking through all the chatter and reach out to hear the inward call. I see you in the people along this narrow way following You this time and going where you lead me, not astray. I love you Father and know the times, the many times I didn’t hear your voice or see your love in my distant space. Now I know your nearness and have heard your call, listening finally never again to place a wall. Thank you for your rescue when I thought I was left behind. Thank you for loving me though  I truly was so blind. 

Now with eyes wide open I can see your face, You’ve been all around me and all over the place. Your picture speaks a thousand Words and you wrote them on my Heart. Now Others are beginning to  see that with your Love one never parts.

 May my Words reflect You always to write on others hearts…so others see from them too, what you designed us all to do. Love does not fail, let’s keep that in mind. Now we do not have to worry about being left behind for now we know who is behind us all and it is You.

Thank you for staying with us even when you had  our backs. For now we  finally are beginning to see to turn around and find you waiting patiently. We were all written in the book. Lives are found not losr when we look to see, the Heart you made for each of us. Yes it beats for you and me.

Thank you Lord your Love is what I need.

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