The Power

The power of Christ is given to us by the Holy Spirit and gives us the ability to heal others. Why do we deny the abilities that Christ Himself said we would have!

The true Christian does not give poisons to kill bacteria, it is by the power of the Holy Spirit given to us as we allow the Love of God to flow through us to others.

We talk of a doctor with a bad bedside manner, this should never exist. It is with the Fruits of the Spirit that we are able to heal, by Kindness, gentleness, genorosity, joy, patience, faithfulness, PEACE, self-control and most of all LOVE! 

The LAST is not least in the kingdom of heaven! God is Love and is to be First. Please place Love in the rightful place FIRST and let Love live in our hearts so others can be forgiven and their heart’s healed by the True Love we offer. Let our bedside manner be attentive, gentle, patient. Love truly believes All! True Love does not doubt and never Fails! Through Christ’s Love all things are POSSIBLE! Where is our FAITH!!! Did we place FAITH in our Heart so All can truly LIVE! 

The Power exists by the Holy Spirit and we show the existence of God by producing the Fruits. It is by the Fruits we are Known. Do not ever let the Spirit of God say I never knew you. So start using our Heart we were given to Love others, and start having and  producing what is  right and just; LOVE.  

With Love, Forgiving and giving others  LIFE, 

To GOD be the Glory, forever and ever!

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