Carry On…

Should we carry on with our speech…no. Yes, carry our cross daily. Some may say our burdens are our cross, but through our sufferings we find that our burdens are light. Look at Jesus, we cannot imagine our cross to be as profound, yet what are most of us doing daily …complaining in our speech about our sufferings. Jesus managed to walk without the talk…no complaining..praying to the Father, through it all. Thank God, He is our mentor, our Way to follow. If left in our own devices, we would be left with no redemption for any of us.  Please Lord keep us in your graces and for us to extend the grace to others as well. Keep Us Safe in Your Most Compassionate Heart and Hear Our Prayers. For You alone are the Holy One. You alone are Lord. Amen!

Thank You Lord for your Love and your Mercy for each and everyone of us. I pray all of us come to recognize this and kneel before you as Lord of All. 

This is a time when all must come together and pray as one. No more division…unity in the body. We are all under God and we should conduct ourselves as such. Praising our God for All with thanksgiving in our hearts; grateful for each and every one of us! There is plenty for all and contentment should reign within us. God, Please help all to stop for a moment and listen finally to You!  Let God Carry Us On to forgiveness and love for our neighbor. Truly Amen.

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