Gratitude Not Attitude

Yesterday my demeanor changed when I saw and heard my brother. Through the frustration I wrote of it and God revealed through the writing my attitude had changed and really my writing showed I was missing the gentleness God would rather have in my display.

Writing with sharp words that could hurt another’s heart and possibly cause anger within could cause a bad result. The hearer may never listen to the Word explained by  a hypocrite. God explained to me through out my Life do not let the sun go down on my anger and do not sin in my anger. My anger was written and that branch needed to be pruned. What was pruned was the words I wrote and rewrote with gentleness to explain the situation better. Truth says we must do this right away for the offense has already begun. Whomever reads the words  may never understand what was really meant.

So God had me go back in to rewrite the words and never mislead my friends. Realizing I too, had offended you, thinking your words and actions were not right when mine were just as bad. God showed me His two edged sword with His Word, so I could right my own, writing it now with LOVE from me to you.

Please forgive me for all  I said, did and failed to do,; friend. I was wrong. My tree was not bearing fruit and needed to be pruned, God showed me this in my reflection when I reflected on the day. This day reflected many days I could not fix or get it right, but through God’s perfect LOVE, He opened my eyes to give me much more insight.

I realize all we say and do  can result in an image that is not of You and can hurt the Tree of Life. Let us all use our reflection of insight to bless others along the Way by pruning  our reflection to give off true and perfect Light!

May a new day happen in the light of a new dawn. In true regard for our son, and may the true light of Love dawn this day forward for his heart to see true LOVE, love expressed as both Loving God Always .

We need Unity with the Holy Spirit  for All the children that be, lifting our past up to God for forgiveness and getting God’s guidance of LOVE to guide.  The straight and narrow path is set before us and leads us to the tree of LiFE that lives by , in and through God’s ONE True light.

May We never lead others astray with the way we handle ourselves, just let us all pray.  Let us be slow to speak , quick to Listen and work with love in our attitude. Let our harvest be abundant. Amen.

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