At the end of the day, I spend the evening in reflection. Was it profitable for the kingdom of heaven or just earth? I look deep within to account for my talents and how they were used. Did I increase them by investing in others or did I squander my talents to keep them buried till the day I depart? I hope each day, in gratitude, I find my self giving of myself to others an example of how God wants me to be. 

 Most of my life was spent trying, just to find myself, now found in Christ I can give of myself without fear of Losing some part of me because now I am found. It is not me, but He who lives in me that I share. My talents are the fruits and each nourishes the body to produce more fruit for the kingdom of heaven. 

The trees production should be examined daily to access branches that are causing the tree to not yield the fruit.  When my tree is in need of pruning, I remove the dead branches of sin, not to harm the remaining branches that are producing fruit. As I prune away at my reflection, I find God staring back at me with a smile!

His encouragement fills my Heart again each day, as I work in the garden. Thank you. The garden grows, as we all realize we have all been in it and share in all its fruits. May we prune ourselves everyday to display the tree of True Life for All.

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