Somehow You Know Now

I thought about my life and realized many times, how it could have been so much more if I had only recognized. God, my First True Love was the One I left behind.  I loved you much when I was young, went to church almost everyday. I left that church when I was young and really went astray. You may not have known me then…God sure did and knew I went..along a stranded path away from Him. I hope you hear I’ve returned again I know my Father’s near. Please understand He loves you too and I am not with any other man. God took me in His house you see and that is where I want to be. I hope you now can begin to see the real joy that is inside of me. Love shared from Joy that found True Love inside .

 Your son Needs you to show Him you care, it is about His Heart Now please work with us all to forgive. Regards to the tree you have established but remember Mary’s tree was made with three. If you see please contact me. Written for you from a content heart that beats for God’s love for me everyday. I love you in a very special way. May God bless you and fill you with His Love today by knowing you are loved far more than you ever knew. Please know True Love exists now from me to you. It is not tainted it’s shared by God. A hard road I’ ‘ve traveled but found much along the way. Each member of my family is important in their own special way. My tree has been grafted and I hope you see this story is not really just about me. It’s about a tree we are all, parts of and God is not leaving us as long as we let His Love live in our hearts. A reminder that you are in the tree too, as well as, the other one you now have that grew.  Somehow we all got grafted into the tree made out of Love. Have a great day!

I hope this shows to you the true example of love, to reach for those whom you missed out loving at one time but now it all comes from above. God’s love is perfect Love.  Amen!

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