A Brand New Start In the Eyes of God

When life seems to be at a point where it feels so dismal, overwhelming thoughts of no possible forgiveness;  God opens doors wide for all to see… a brand new start.

Life isn’t about the success others have with titles, honors, and things or living life out perfectly. It is about God and how we portray ourselves as an image of Him and He helps us work it all out. He is the One looking at us from the stars, waiting for us to visit in His Light, not our’s in some spotlight. Please see most of what needs to be accomplished to be successful to God is just to come back when all is wrong. God can hear His Name and can  hear our cry. We have to lift up the truth and then reach for His star.   Make a good confession and your soul will know the truth. And yes, you will be free and allowed to come Home!


Thank you God, for all the glorious gifts given and all of them I pray honor You.

The gifts are not material, but virtuous. With virtue we become more like HIM, offering ourselves to others unconditionally. His example of Love does not turn away when the going gets tough. His demeanor was such that others knew He was Love. The children flocked to Him, they did not run away. His patience, his kindness made Him show honor to Life. His Life is giving it back once its lost. He adds the virtue that was lost from us.  He does this again and again as we commune with Him again and again.

We tend to forget the reason we do things should be to honor our Lord, offering ourselves in all the things that we do.  Forgiveness He offers us through and through. No longer emptied inside in a world made void.  See  now we are made by God and He is our Lord. We should bow in all ways to honor our Lord.  When He forgives you never again bring it up, He took it away because you asked and He heard you. Now, do not worry and do not fret. His forgiveness lasts forever,  He never takes it back.

We’ve been walking through those doors He opened for me and you to have a brand new start with our Lord!


See now with eyes wide open,  see the goodness of the Lord…

An image of God is restoring all! Don’t look away…it is a Brand New Start in the Eyes of God!





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