God is Looking. From Over the Rainbow!

As a child seeing into the sky,  I saw a rainbow extended from side to side. The sky twas blue above for others just to see a sign of love from You  to me a  bridge extended for All and example of love in  colors through water  made of  tears. Joy from God’s True Love washing All the pain from you and me.

My Dad was once a bridge builder extended out through war. Our heavenlyFather now has built  a bridge of Love for Me. Let this  reflect a mind  to. Love and always be set free. Let God remove the crimson stain and See. Look .inside and don’t be blind. 

 Aha! God Truly Does Love Me!

 We have a guide within our hearts so let’s all live with Truth and let’s never again be so blind that we think and ask for proof. We can within our hearts see really Truth!

God wrote it on a stone once to tell us what to do. Then man decided to twist the Word and stones o yes man threw . Man broke the law. given for All so with His son he knew, I will write it now within the hearts, so this time death will be through.

No stones do we need to throw, for once in Life we need to see it is better to forgive to truly be set free. In her heart and many others the rainbow did appear. Forgiveness shared among all men, so we can be set free to Love the God who sent us here and have it for all men. In Total Truth from Him. A new song for all to see and hear with our hearts. Amen.

With Christ’s help of holding our tounge we can hear God’s gift of Love. Love speaks like a quiet voice, gentle as a breeze resounding through the world for others and that is how we All see. By our Works we will be made known,  so other men will see…True Faith within our hearts and that We truly do believe….Love conquers All.
Now I know I”ve heard from God and share love to you,  We can All be glad with the Life we have, content just to Live. Love sent an ember to burn deep within. Our hearts, sent to give all mankind the insentive just to Live….Let us All live love. (A message from my Dad from His Life after the War)

A Gift from the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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