Wounds of the Womb Can Be Healed

God has been dishearted with the state our families have been. Love must be expressed for all Life.  Showing Love for All children; elderly, women, clergy, and even prisoners as well; forgive the past. People have taken liberties and blotted out God; thus blotting out life. Our country allows businesses that do not support Life. Virtues not shared by officials in charge. What a confusing state of affairs for children brought up in a country without consistency. The same people cause more division and have now more reason than ever to now start straightening the affairs in the white house. Setting a people up for failure or disciplining so harshly to become despondent is a warning God Gave to our fathers from before not to do. Discipline may be shown, but when anger gets the best of any of us the result can be disastrous. Anyone in any position in life must put the value of love with their role by placing God above all. 

 Feed the world with honorable Words, actions, thoughts and deeds. We ask all the angels and saints to come before us and be our protection against the evils that have persisted.  We humbly pray that all evil spirits existing will be banished along with Satan whom seek the ruin of souls. May we pardon and forgive and never do these ostrosities again. The lesser of two evils never wins. Get the evil out and you will!
 Freedom is the Liberty to choose Life. God shows us and guides us through Love when we truly pray to Him for the answers. We can protest as one and decide enough people have died. 

The Families started falling apart when We started losing the Heart of Love for one another. We left God out of our Hearts where He should always live in each of us. God is the creator and we need to be found with Truth in Love for God.

United a country stands, united by God who is Love. Never leave Him out of you  so All may see His light shine through. For Love from above in US can stop desecrating the land by planting and showing God we are content within with the blessings that we have.

 It is Love from God given by Truth for us all, Words Yes written by inspiration from His Holy Word offered to guide Us through the night with stars of freedom from no light. The Word to show us how to Love is written in a book. The gospel of the Lord.

Reality is to support others by guiding them in the right way to choose. By being the example and praying for the weak. It is not by games we learn the Truth it is by giving our All for it does have worth. So Live Life stop fiddling around and ask God to Help Fix the Garden now and make it grow with Life of Love, so Love will stay around. Praying All our Hearts change by expressing Love and giving this as a nourishment from above. A True Gift of the Heart.

For many gave their Life for your screen in a world you Truly have seen. Pray God leads us by True Love, So God will regain love from all of us and never forget Trust won the war.

 Instead of being led by awful spirits in people and things, look to God and pray with love for those who fought the war by prayer for the innocent.. All done with Love for Trust in each of us that God is in control . So Trust God.
We couldn’t see Love or hear Love we were fighting and close to real death and God came to settle it. Let us hear with our Hearts.  pray and the truth be heard.. Praying always for those in need of mercy. May God always show us the Way. God is in control , pray uncreasingly for Love. 

Put the True God of true Love above All for He is the True Father of Us All. Praise be to God! Love made visbible.  So look around to See Him being grateful for all that Be. The Be attitudes of Love for All,  will truly lead our Land. Live Love and reunite to make Love visible. Amen.

Thank you for all whom helped and lifted this in prayer.


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