The True Vessel of Love

Each of us must reflect inwardly and look deep within. If your core has been hardening, ask Jesus to enter in and soften the calluses of living  in an imperfect world from birth. If your heart sees what others have done, pray for them all, so light will enter in. Guarding your heart by making it stone is not the answer that’s why many are lost without God. 

God shares our tears and gives us hope when we act with love building bridges that can be made for both to love and not hurt. Making a way for True Love to enter in and end all stupid wars. Love conquers all!

God blesses us when we are contrite of heart, not when any of us are high in our  spirits. Humbleness will reel in the biggest fish of all. Not with mere words, but the honesty of our heart, that does to others what we would have done unto ourselves.

May each of us look at our ourselves and find that in giving that contrite heat in love for those who have hurt us, we can build a bridge that can cover any troubled waters. So each can truly LIVE forever with God.

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