Sometimes We are a Voice

Sometimes inside we become overwhelmed by the burdens of others. We hear the cries that keep the burdened enslaved inside. It is when we listen with compassion long enough we can sort through their torment and hear they have been talking  with a heart in deep need.

Sometimes we forget and sometimes we do not want to see that we are not meant to be alone. We each have struggles, but to leave out the weak or distraught is to deny Christ all over again. When Christ was betrayed, no one stood in defense. Instead he died because all were afraid. So, Christ died with His Life, but God raised Him instead.

Now their are many weak and without defense, who is their voice and who is their friend. Sometimes we are a voice that needs to be heard…I hear many  crying out in the wilderness as voices trying to win a heart for forgiveness.  For Christ’s guise is there for you to recognize, reach out and live for me… God is calling. Answer!

Sometimes you just need to give a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold. Christ is knocking on the door of your heart. “Come let me in.”

The voice of the weak are being heard by the Words being written on the ears of the hearts!

Reach out for each other, whether to open a door or pick up the phone. Please reach out to bring these people home. Just because there is a roof over your head does not mean you are home again. Let’s all reach for our neighbor for God. He wants us all Home with Him!

Thank God!!!!!!

Really Thank God!!!!

Praise to you Lord for writing your story in my heart, so I can always be humble enough to hear with the ears of my heart!

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