A Lamp Unto Thy Feet

Seek out the lost and let Thy Light be A Lamp Unto Thy Feet. We are the sign of His Life with us yet, our Feet shod with a gospel; a Gospel of PEACE.

As we commune with His spirit we are guided to those whom need the water, so they may never thirst again. The water of baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Each to be cleansed from the iniquities of the old to enter to a new Life of Love from God to give to one another, as we now will be cleansed for the banquet table of the Lord.  Dressed in new clothes of grace and mercy to be shared for one another at the table. We will all be present at a Glorious reception of Our Glorious King when we choose to put on the clothes He offers us to participate in His meal.

As we share with each other at the feast presented by Our Lord, we will live with Love for each other keeping our minds strengthened by Love from Our Father who provided All.

The Way is gracious and full of mercy for others whom knew not Love…now you do. Cleanse yourself and partake at the supper, always remembering Love of the Lord. The Father awaits you please open the door of your heart. He has been waiting patiently for you to Let Him in to bring you to everlasting joy with the Father.

Let us graciously praise the glorious reception offered by Our King, that gives Praise and Honor to Our Father God. God awaits us and we prepare our entrance, by placing on the new clothes He offered for righteousness sake. Our old selves are gone and our new bodies are united with Christ to enter into a new covenant that allows us to commune again with God.

Watching over His pastures, He is looking for His sheep. Everyone matters in His heart can you see! Love conquers All! He Feeds us all with Love and compassion as He leads us  back to the Master,  Our God.

Let the Lord’s Light of Love be A Lamp Unto Thy Feet, guiding us all in communion to give God the Glory from Us All.

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