Are You Using the Ears of Your Heart?

Christ lives in our heart. He is not a riddle to figure out in our heads. We have ears on our heads that scrutinize and use sometimes an untamed tongue. With our heart we can hear the truth and all that’s been said, and realize our guilt, and apologize to our friend. 

We all have a heart that truly can bleed, please let Christ enter in to heal all the wounds; so the heart that you have won’t be hard anymore and the words won’t be said to deaf ears.

Christ is the heart that beats to give Life, don’t squander this gift and snuff out True Life. Hear with the ears of your heart from now on, to learn praises to sing to Our God!

We shall all be heard on high, when we listen with the ears from me and you to the choir thats been resounding God’s Glory the whole time.

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