Entertain the Angels

When we open our homes to others extending hospitality, we may be entertaiming more than we thought.  God’s ways are higher than ours and all things are possible with God, so expect the unexpected. 

Look to our neighbors as more important than ourselves, knowing God is omnipotent, seeing and knowing all. Always remembering God is our provider showing Gratitude for all we have been given, blessing others with those provisions. 

His table is offered for all who choose to enter in, so we too must entertain those whom enter under our roof…God’s image stands before you…Bless God by the hospitality you give His image. Never let His image shake the dust from off His feet…entertain His image with Love and Gratitude.

The angels know Him and let His face shine through you for all the Feasts that are held for His benefit as you show Gratitude to our Lord in all you do. Entertain the Angels. Amen.

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