Your Best Friend Is Calling!

Every day we are inundated with numerous calls and texts, never mind emails; finding the important calls is difficult for we sometimes overlook them in the shuffle. 

What happens when you overlook the important? Someone important is disappointed!  If the person on the other side of a phone call can get unraveled, how does God perceive our hearts when we do not answer His call or return to Him with Gratitude for His mercy and Love.

He is our deliverer, comforter, always there for us in times of need, where are we? Busy filling our days with the secondary as our priority. 

God is our creator,  top priority! Without Him, we can do nothing! Starting our day early in prayer and solitude, giving Him some undivided attention is only right and just. He is there for us 24/7. Are we acknowledging Him and His provisions for Us Grateful to Him for All.  That is All life and all substance, for we only rearrange what God has created. Creation is truly accredited to our maker, how can man take credit for creating life?  

Take a look at ourselves and maybe we can all see things differently placing God First! Let’s Trust  and truly believe He’s got this!  Trust, Believe and Pray . He does show the Way. He’s always had the lead, we just went astray.

Let’s Give Him Priority and stop trying to do it ourselves. Without His guidance we’re All lost! Be the found sheep and follow the Good Shepherd Home! 

Your Best Friend is Calling, start running Home!

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