The Vow of Marriage!

The Vow of Marriage, a vow between the couple and God Is the strongest vow a man and women, together,  can make. In God ‘s Words, ” No man shall separate”. The two become One! They shall no longer cling to Mother or Father but be united as One. This is God’s rule for us! Let each man govern his own affairs, and mind them as well. Older women are to mentor young to be good wives, and younger women are to be submissive not haughty or proud. The married must pray uncreasingly for their husban, and bless Him with all you do. Teach your children to Honor both of you and Love God with all their heart, mind and soul.

This is God’s covenant with His people, to honor and Obey. Let no man separate the two. The childRen are part of the two to be raised to honor them, but most of all Honor God. The two are to Honor and Love each other by placing God first together and raise their children befittingly in the Lord. Chastity is to be taught for each and every one that is not in Holy Union before God. This Honors God and respects all Human Life.

Teach this in Family Life and your branches will not break and God will bless and keep us all safe.

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