What road are you on?

Some say the road is less traveled, but truly it has been walked. Jesus walked among us and showed us His Love. A road I gladly found when in the wilderness lost not recognizing the Love He gave at such a cost.  The lost sheep, the prodigal son is now walking Home again, on the road that was traveled first by my King.

Follow His lead and find where He walked, He is the guide that you are seeking so much. Praise God for existence and walk onward and slow…for the Spirit is with you and to Home you will go. The race is not won and is not run fast,  it’s acknowledged as we live Love with others with patience and kindness so true Love will last. 

It’s a road that leads us all to perfect Love in God’s Home.

Reach out to gather others on each side that you meet. We are gathering all together for Our Journey to Christ’s seat. God be with us as we journey to gather more Love as we go, traveling Home to eternal Love that redeems us all when we follow the road.

May We recognize each other with the fruits of the Spirit that are offered in His name. Amen.

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