The Gift!

The Gift of the Holy Spirit comes down upon us after our baptism and conferes with us. It is Our helper in times of need. Given as a Gift from the Father and Son as a guide for us on Our Journey towards perfecting Our Love. With it comes the fruits of the Spirit. As Christians and disciples of Christ, we will know others by these fruits. This is what Christ looks for in each and everyone of us. 

When you see Chist, He will see within you!  Have you developed these fruits, are you ready for His arrival? 

Now is the time to prepare, for no man knows of His coming …please prepare! Be ready when the King enters His Home in your Heart what will He find!

The Fruits are written of in the book of His Word please Truly Live it,  It is not literal, it is Living if you truly Heard with the ears of your Heart.

He will write them in your Heart, Mind and Soul when You finally repent and walk to Him instead of away. Discipline takes work, but He does it in a true loving way. Accepting His children and listening when they pray.  He’s been Walking with us down each and every path till we knock On His Door. He then opens the door of your Heart and let’s the Light in. Rest in Peace with the Lord,  your on His Way Home! 

Honor your Father and Mother, they need your prayers! Forgive them for the hurt and pray their burdens are light. We all must help each other to carry the load for we need each other for All are important in God’s Home! 

Forgive others of their sins and be glad you can enter in The Glory of the Lord each day, Living in the Light. Praying always and shedding Light by the Gospel of Peace where Your Feet Walk in the Name of Love!

I saw Patience and He gave up Time! Can you? 

The Fruits are the virtues we Live and strive to perfect, I read them  in Galatians 5 and have been asking the Lord to develop them while I still have Time. Working with His Hands developing  Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Self -Control, Faithfulness, Charity, PEACE,  Joy and most of all LOVE inside my Heart!

These are the Words to Live…the Discipline of True Love…the development of the True Heart! Living in Love of the Father and working in His Garden! Amen.

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