There’s an impasse…also a Way to go…

When Life as you have known it has not filled your heart, sometimes an impasse may give you a chance to restart. The choice is yours so choose it wisely. God shows you the good, but will not make you choose it. It’s the decision of you now, the Truth will you choose it?  Accept the rebirth that only God can give and take the right turn so you will Live.

We have walked with you for this journey so far, will you continue to Love and see the Truth in it? Or will you find this to hard to accept, maybe its fright …the Truth of God’s Love embraces and cares. He’s the Father that guides. He disciplines his children because that is His Way. He forgives and has mercy.This is the test, will you accept Him and Live in the Light of His Love…Guided through to eternity with Him?

I pray you join All whom have gathered in his name, walking to Him and not the other way. Love is unconditional to those who repent. May you see you have walked with those who believe and have found a saviour that can truly redeem. He washes your soul and dresses it  white. One day we will meet Him in His Holy Light. 

As I pray for your soul, please pray for mine. I hope we will all realize not to leave anyone behind. Pray for mercy for each and every soul. It was said in His Word, that He desires that none should perish…please have mercy….for which must mercy will be given. So keep praying for others for this is truly loving… Bread for Life. 

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