A Door Way to the See!

Looking out to sea, I found vastness, solitude in the midst of a chaotic world. My eye became the bridge over the troubled water I did see. 

God places His wonder and His Love in all He made. We do not need to over process His creation, just be…His majesty through His Door Way of. Love through what you see.  

Everyday bless yourself by noticing the wonders of creation! God gave this for our enjoyment…so please enjoy. This is the moment to catch your breath and breathe…breathe Life in your world so it will be redeemed.

I look through the Door Way at a sight He has for me….look and you too will find His Love to rebuild you each time you take in His majesty.

It is all breath taking, isn’t it. He”s with you now, just Trust and Believe. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Each time you need Him go to His Door Way, revisit the seen. He’ll give you the strength that you really do need.

I didn’t need a window, He left the Door open the whole time!  

Yes, we are welcome just sit with Him and Him in your mind. Fill your thoughts to regenerate His perfect Love. Contemplate on perfecting you. Fill up till the cup over- floweth with Love from Your Truest Best Friend. 

Please Help me Lord to always be a friend to you by the things I say and do because I know you are there for me. Thank you for filling my cup.. it’s never been empty when I let You fill it up. I was empty , now your love is enough.. I let go of yesterday to find my today at the Door Way of the See. I see your Love and it is visible. Thank you Lord for Loving me!

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