Light Directed into the Midst of Darkness!

Let the Light so shine as to light men’s hearts whom knew no light. Be the fishers of men as you radiate God’s Love with your Life. Give Love to a world that knew not Him and allow the True Light to shine through to them. 

“We are the sign of His Life with us yet”..Let Our Light Shine to never forget Our Love for God.

Light in the midst of the darkness, Light even brighter as You add even more. Disciple the new to extend from the old…a. gospel of Peace that should always be told. 

God’s Love is so Immense, that not even the darkness can stand in its Way. Love your enemy and the battle will be won. This is the Love of God’s only Son.

Be bold and be brave, it is souls you will save. Let your Light so Shine for All men. Amen. Walking in Light to show Light to those who never knew. Bathing all in the Mercy of Our Lord.

Even in the Wilderness, His Light can be found. So seek out the Lost and the Lost shall be Found by Hearts not bound. Free the Lost from shame, they are enslaved. Give them Forgiveness and hope…not blame. They call for your prayers to bring Light to their world…are you inclusive or have you left them out once again?

Remember we are still all written in the book of Life for all have lived…do not snuff Love out. Jesus guise May find your demise if your Heart is closed.  So, Open the blinds of your Heart to the ones you have short sighted. Giving Love truly where it is needed. 

In the Darkness all of Us should Shine….not a spot undiscovered, for God is, was, and always will be our first Love that gives Love so we can love one another. 

Thank you God for Loving Us First and giving this example of how to truly love, so All will enter the kingdom of God. Never denying any Life you made, instead praying and giving Light to the new friends we made.

We Love You God You Really Made Our Day!

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