I Will See You Again!

I found out my friend had died, several years prior. How I had longed to speak to him but our lives had gone in different directions. Finally with total submission to my Lord, I wrote a letter to greet Him with true Love from our Lord. I was grieved to find my friend had died without the communication.

 I do believe God can hear my plea…there is love there Lord He is my friend. Please Lord let me see him again.

God knows my Heart and the Love I shared will be void if he is not there. Please Lord let me see him again…He didn’t understand you.. please forgive him as you forgave me.. Please Lord he’s a member of my family tree. Not a dead branch…part of a living tree for eternity. I love you Donn and please Lord you are Love so I know I can ‘t be wrong. I will see you again!

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