Finding Faith

Hope…Joy needs You to Walk With…to Find Faith!  Hope… find True Love in your Heart and Faith will be Strong Enough to see US through!

True love believes, endures, is not haughty or proud…Believe…Hope…have Faith Hope… Love conquers. Without Love from each other there is nothing that will survive. 

God is Love. Seek the love you look for within the deep recesses of your heart. It is there that your journey begins to find Faith! Then as your journey begins seek out others and give comfort to their souls with the Love God gave you when redemption, forgiveness was unconditionally offered by ones whom loved you unconditionally. This is God’s love, Love given by Christ living through us through the Holy Spirit. God loves All…neither is more important than the other. Love is a gift…it is a gift for All! Love never leaves, does not foresake…it follows…waiting to see when we will turn around. God allows U turns for those misguided along the Way. 

When frustration and confusion sets in stop…yes look the other Way…look to God…you have gone astray! God has been trying to get your attention and you did need to look the other Way. A choice at a time to get back to where you once belonged…in the Family of God on the straight and narrow path Home!

Saw you on the side of the road…let’s walk together this time…Its not through a’s a Way Home to God!

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