Never too Late!

Donn the sadness is over, the tears are dried. The prayers are answered on the other side.  Glad to hear you and know you’re all right now…truly Living Life in True Light!

Thought you wouldn’t make it, but God is on Our side living among us all the Time. 

Please guide me in my days to help others along the Way. You have insight to give me that others can not share. Please God open the doorway so I can show others how to care…and never miss a loved one anywhere…because they will know Love endures Forever when Love is shared.  Please forgive me and know you are loved by so many and help me bring our son to a realization of your love for Him through The Family Tree.

Donn,  you’re meeting Family members that have heard sweet sounds instead of piercing ones. May they never be heard again. There will be no points, just round edges… Pearly ears of corn …Thank you for forgiving and knowing Love before you died…it’s a never ending story in eternity. Not so hard to fathom…You’re in a whole New League. The Lords ….waiting patiently to bring with me others Home. Can’t wait to see the Tree at our Family reunion without any squabbling. No points just pearls of love seated at the Table of the King with God. 

The Left never really knows what the right is doing…now All can be right with us in a world where we will always put our best forward and never leave or say goodbye!

See ya Later on the other side…

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