With Love to…YOU!

Grandpa I heard you in my life. Little sayings with Love from you to me. Grandpa I heard you crying, grandpa it’s really me. Grandpa I love you dearly please forgive me. I was the one who disappointed, so forgive everyone. It was me, Grandpa when you see Us remember Love!  Though you died, your grandson came to be there when you couldn’t. Happy Birthday Grandpa! 

Grandpa so many things happened, my son never really had one like you. Grandpa the man next door was the only one he knew. Grandpa you have your Love back it is all around. Grandpa in my heart it’s always found. Grandpa can’t wait to see you…in the body you have now…it’s a. Spirit of Love I never want to let down.

Forever in Love with True Love. Love can never be Lost it is we who are, but seek and you shall find… for love lasts forever! You always said never say goodbye, you said see ya later…I Now know why.

Thank God for All the Life that has been in my Life and All the Love I have known. I look forward to this journey as I journey Home.

Each day Thanking God for Loving me through it All disputing my failures and always loving me. May I become the best example of Love to bring those behind Home. 

I love you Dad, yes you built a bridge just for me!

You got a Great Grandson from this great big Family Tree. You’ll be amazed at the size when you see all who were grafted in. 

I Love you Lord for Loving me and the rest of the big Family Tree. The Garden is looking better and better! Dad We are  working with each other and it’s all for Love. See you later…on the other side. 

Love extended to all that have been.are and will be in the Tree of Life! Amen. 

God I am sure glad you loved me First…now I know True Love and how Big Love is when we recognize You and give You Our best  All the time. 

May I never overlook Grace…without I would never have found Joy!

I finally found my self in the middle….in the biggest heart…the Tree of Life that lives Forever…

With Love. to YOU!

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