A Road Paved With Good Intentions!

What is the Intention?….

The warning is be careful what you build …without a good foundation the road will  be paved with malice, deceit and treachery. The road must be paved with good intent! The Foundation God Gave Was Good. It is our Works that Bring us the Faith we desire inside. Live by Faith.

Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to those whom truly love Him. He will not forsake you nor ever leave. He is the Lord Almighty whom never deceives!

The road is paved with Truth! An intention of a good Heart that does the will of God! With Love in your Heart All will enter The Rite. It is a straight and narrow path built with True Love. Without Truth, only obtained by doing the Will of God, no one shall enter.  Course Jest towards one another is a sin towards the Heart of Truth. Truth says that Heart has no love in it. 

Let Truth Live in Your Heart so True Love can enter into the Rite of the Lord to See God!

Let God’s Face Shine in you, with you and through you in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Forever and Ever Amen!

Let His Light so Shine! Forgiveness Always Given for a True and Contrite Heart! Let’s get the Rite  Right to enter in God’s Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. 

The Road is Paved With Good … The Intention!..So Let Us All Walk with the Eyes of Our Heart Always Open Listening to Sweet Sounds Made for God!  Yes, True Music of the Heart so the deaf Heart and the points of others are left behind to Honor GOD Always in our Minds! Amen!

All are gathering in Truth and Love. For Our God! A Sweet Sweet Sound Our God Hears..Always and Forever. Amen!

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