Did You Know?

Sometimes we assume …sometimes the blanks are filled in by another. And a pause must exist…really did you know?

What did you see, what did you know…tell me is it a matter of perception? 

God I just really want to go, yes Father,Home!

Bring to Life this tired Heart and let the Spirit truly dwell with You for Eternity. Give The Abundant Life that isn’t mean and holds outstretced hands for all to see!

Please put my blinders on, so I may finish what’s been started… So in the next Life we shall never be parted.

My intentions were not to hurt…God you know all desired is Peace on Earth. No games be played with all these words!

Please Father give US All rebirth to  hear Truth in your Word written in a softened Heart not one made out of stone to enter Your Kingdom Forever. Amen!

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