Change of ….

The course we are on is it in need of change or is it us? Change of heart, change of mind, change of who we have become!

The world was here before us! It was us who changed it…it is us who need to look inside to find the beginning of life within us, then we can change where we are headed. Love within the heart keeps us alive for God gave us this…no one else. Put Him first and some how the rest will take care of itself. God is in control not us! We get in the way, that is the problem!  We must realize we are not smarter than our maker. Every time man holds pride in himself or accomplishments…his direction becomes his obsession that leads to destruction. Man’s pride is why we are where we are…looking still for a way out of where we’ve gone. God is all there is…turn to Him that is the Way…the only Way to Live!

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