Looking Here…Seeing Eternity

No excuse…I saw on the watch lent me, I was late. 

Where did all the time go…I know…caught up in a lot of mess. Couldn’t figure out what happened …til I WAS LATE!

Somehow I spent a life of being early only to be late. Time is not on my side or is it? Where you are there is none…looking forward  to find no one left out!

To God a Day is like a thousand years..Patience given with mercy.

To God we are never late, nor early, because He’s the one who waits. 

See you on the other side…no one late, no more time…no need to run, no need to hide….I see you waiting on the other side for All left to come.

Heading forward to the Family reunion where I could never be late and find us all friends once again. Friends in the Light that is never covered by a moon. No need for reflection when nothing is hidden.

See you then, friend…on the side where all is seen and time will never matter and never will again! 

See you for All Eternity!

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