Is Today Acceptable?

If now is the acceptable time with the present being a gift…is today acceptable?…I pray it is. 

Now is the moment we live. Accepting now being the gift that it Ready to enter His gates with Thanksgiving in our Hearts; Without a content contrite heart no one will enter in.

May we each accept the gift of life that we are given. Respecting others whom have also been given the gift of life. Yes , each of us are the image of God…the image of Christ…shown to us for our faith to reach out… realzing God is present in all our lives. 

Do not reject but pray that God will open our heart each day to live and respect all life and give the outstretched hand to all for a better land. He is coming…let us be ready to enter His Gates with Thanksgiving Honoring and Loving God for All Eternity.

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