The White Dove

A story of guidance in our Book of Life. Oh, Holy Spirit Guide!

How many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand…the answer is blowing in the wind.

This song sang for our journey Home. Loves quest ..guidance offered by the spirit and we must not deny it.

To Noah and his family a dove appeared carrying an olive branch declaring it was ok to leave the boat for dry land was near. (Rest is ahead). As a white dove descending upon Jesus with the voice declaring ” This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”.  A white dove to signify who He was. (The Way to Eternal Rest)

This season as we reflect on our inner self to our Father and repent of the loss of Heart remembering Christ’s Love within to be guided to Life Everlasting.

His Heart written through the Holy Spirits guidance for Peace throughout the Land

There are more to gather this season for God’s cleansing with Forgiveness guided to the shore with Love from a perfect Heart. 

Easter awaits!

Let us get ready for we are invited by the King …Please accept the invitation to cover all sin by repentence through a contrite heart that again lives with the Spirit inside. To be presented with Love to the King of Glory…. Feasting with Our King for the Glory of God the Father!

Glory to God Forever!

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