What is Culture?

 Culture is a standard of norms for a select group of people to traditionalize. Who are these people? Where are the rest, in a divided group?. What are the norms of the culture now…where have We gone?

 A culture believing in death, how can death produce Life…especially a supreme life? Death produced by force that is not ever natural cannot  produce anything but a norm of death.

The norm that exists does not support life. It does not sustain any type of life, for at some point all will be not good enough for the so called norm.

God, our maker, our giver of Life, said All was good in the beginning. He has not changed…it is Us who have changed. Listening to our carnal desires and lusts, the world has accepted death as a norm accepting Darwin’s example of survival of the so called fittest. The norm no longer supports Life as we have known, but supports death in all forms which will result in death.. Reaping what is sown. Please think about what is sown!

If God loves and can raise a son from the dead because He is God., why would you or anyone believe in killing to be God? Can you truly be God?  With God all is possible. Without placing Him First…our choice no less…what is left? All men and women must look to our maker and not kill…the life is created by God!

Live and Let Live

Thanks Be to God!

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