Days of Reflection!

We live in this world, so reflection for now is important in our quest to rid ourselves of the impurities that keep us from true communion with Our Father.

It is time now to look at our Reflection to see our souls condition, and cleans these cancers that have mared us to become far from the being we were intended to be. Allowed by freewill to follow our own roads, yet if we could just hand our will to our maker the path would lead us straight Home.

Upon the state of our inner most being revealed are the true losses and emptiness left by our choices of selfish desires. Love given to us but not returned with gratitude to Our Father.

 Our Life Long mate desires Love, love unadulterated by selfish desires that taint the heart of God’s love living from within. The oneness  with our mate is a sacred act shared between the two as they become one. Love in a form to be shared only by the two in mutual consent and each giving themselves to the other in a communion for Life. We are beings created to Love for God is Love. 

Pray over your bed, God governs us. It is in his grace alone that we live and are able to share this Love with our mate. A sacred union designed by God alone for man and wife. 

God, thank you for the Life I have known for within the pages you guided me Home. Thank you for allowing me to experience Love in its many forms. Love lives now in each of us. Love began this world, is present now, and will always be present.

Let us cleanse away the scarlet and Live. 

Thank you God for allowing me to know that I lived. May the negative that lurked within the recesses never again taint the reality that God is Love and I Live for Him.

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