Life Speaks Better If…

 We Listen to God’s Word!

Our words can say plenty and the lashings can be unbearable from a sharp tongue. It is in our actions that words are put to the test. A reminder to forgive those whom have hurt us, and not pay evil for evil!

God gave inspired Word for us to apply to daily life…it is the Living Word. Living because it is Love and Love is given, requires work and therefore requires energy that God gives to us All. Application of Love requires us to do His Will…perfect Love.

God speaks…who listens?

We were given ears for that purpose and a heart the beats in accordance to what we hear. The heart Can be stilled or it can be over stimulated. Listen to God amongst the chatter and the heart remains calm. If true love casts out fear…call to God! Listen silently in the recesses, with a contrite heart…He speaks…let us this time listen!

Truth speaks and a contrite heart can Hear!

Christ will write all in our hearts so we can Hear Forever the Love from Our Father. Amen to the listening Heart!

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