Choice of Love and Life

In the world we live in now you can love one another but do you support life? God is the supreme decision maker on life, does your choice of birth control support God’s decision or yours? Natural family planning is scientific in its studies and goes beyond the so called rhythm method. This has been proven to be over 99% effective by those whom actively practice its use.

Radical tubal ligations and other forms are designed to not place Faith in God and place it in your belief in controlling life. It takes some work to learn family planning and self-control. The fruits of the spirit are shown through your choice of birth control.

Abstinence is the only means to be 100% effective to truly  support a culture of Love, if you are not united in Holy Matrimony. God designed us to be united as One with only One other. It is us and our hardness of heart that caused us to leave and search for others. Forgiveness is the key to true Love. Tainted Love is not what God gives; His Love endures forever.

Interested in Natural family planning for your family? Visit your local Catholic church and find out about God’s love through repentance, forgiveness and Life.

May God Bless You!

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