Trust in the Lord

When times are tough and the road seems rough…trust in the Lord. It is through the rough terrain we can find the perfection of the heart; the outcome of lessons taught from above to bring about true and perfect Love. 

Without time spent in reflection of our true self given over  to  Honor  Our Maker we could never enter the kIngdom of God. 

God deserves homage and our sincere devotion. Keeping Holy the seventh day by resting from our work and daily activities to truly devote the day in fellowship and communion with Christ. Grateful He came to write within us Love for All into a Heart of flesh not stone. Gratitude for His sacrifice and homage always. Resting in the mercy and love of Our Lord to share this with the world, for our gratitude goes beyond measure.

May the light God has placed within us, as we commune with Him, be shared amongst the many who need to be shown He cares. May His light shine so brightly, no one  will doubt the Love of Our God. Amen.

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