Cleanse My Heart So I Can See You!

May my heart be clean, oh Lord, for you! Show me Lord, as I walk through this life, how to have a Clean Heart. As you have forgiven my sins, strength me to not sin again to offend thee.

 Thank you for your Mercy and Love given from a Father above, so I could fathom how deep Love can grow. Your Love can mend a Heart and revive the Soul. 

Thank you God I saw this before I got too old and had an upbringing sharing the message to remember now. Now is not too late. I hope we will all be in the kingdom on His particular date. He knows it all and I will Live waiting for the final call. The end of this, but the beginning of All!

The mysteries of God and how He works through us is amazing! 

Keeping the eyes of my heart fixed on Him. May my Heart be Clean and always prepared….to see my maker with the eyes of my Heart.

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