Praise and Honor!

As Children of God, as many children may do, we ask of our Lord to bestow upon us gifts of healing, strength, endurance and many others. Our devotion and Love for Him should take priority!  Praise and Honor always given to God who created the heavens and the earth for He is Our Creator; bowing and paying homage for His unfailing Love for us each and every day!

What an amazing and wonderful creator, that could create us and give us so much importance in His creation. His Love is endless and His mercies endure forever. How wonderful a creator is that! 

I find how small I am in creation as a whole; yet how important to our Great God and King my soul is to Him. All He asks is for us to give our will to Him and offer it in true devotion and Love for Him! 

We, as mortal beings, struggle to survive in a world that is more than we see. Thinking we must arrive in our personhood to an exalted level for success. This self is our demise for God is waiting for us to look beyond our selves. 

Looking beyond the visible, yet personifying God to visiblly see His majesty among us everyday in His image; we can live in a visible world of Love. 

God is Love and with Him living in us, through us and with us: we can see Love the way God designed it from the beginning.  Love made visible in a world we choose to give Love eternally to Our Father Forever and Ever!

 This is the True Garden of Love! Amen!

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