God Hears a Humble Heart!

In the world we live in today ,many times pride seems to envelope who we are becoming. It is when we can give all our thoughts over and not take credit for our makers gifts to us, that we become the clay again that can be molded and shaped by Him. 

Stubborn, as man can be, many think at times that we are the creator of our lives. How can a mere mortal man exalt himself to such a level! This is beyond comprehension to claim such an ability, when our existence itself claims we are finite in these bodies.

 Only God in His magnificence could create a world where Life exists in endless time. His ways are Higher, how could we know His thoughts in our pride. When we exalt ourselves, we are standing alone.  It is when we humble ourselves and Give God the Glory that he hears the beauty within us. His creation from the beginning.

May we humble ourselves and Glorify Our King, following with humble hearts exalting Him with unending praise!

To God be the Glory! Amen.

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