True Faith is Shown By Work Given in Love For God!

Without showing our Love for Our Father in Heaven, how could we ever truly Love Him? It is by our actions that Love is shown. Mere words are just that! Love is a verb requiring action, not just the running of the mouth. 

We must go out and comfort the down trodden, lift up the spirit of the hopeless, feed the poor, shelter the homeless and give of ourselves for this is our Saviour’s Way of Doing His Father’s Will!  Thus, we must do the Will of God, for All men were created in God’s Image; respecting all Life and reaching out for the lost to be found again in Love with their maker. 

A choice that can be easily understood when we work together and are always ready to extend a helping hand for others less fortunate in loving ways.

 We are His hands and We are His feet, so where ever we go we share the gospel of peace that loves and shows by actions that we truly care!

 May we as people realize that God requires Our work so All May sit at His Table and Eat! 

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