Realizing Today is the One I Have to BeHold!

Starting off with gratitude as my attitude for Today…I begin afresh, alive in the moment peering ahead just in front of me… so as not, to lose sight of each step of the Way. 

It is in each step I see new cloakings  encompassing and embrassing me to face the next step of my journey. My sight fixed on My Makers Kingdom, yet countless are my steps for only God knows. Granting me a path of grace, to extend those graces to others that are met on this journey; the Father knows what is best for me.

 Trust becomes a friend not foe to me for the Lord is the Saviour of my Soul. The True Lover of my Soul for He is also the Lover I BeHold!

Today He offered me, so I with gratitude accept His gift and give to others the present of a new day with new ways of being who We are to be in God’s Family.

 May the discord of yesterdays be forgotten and Today be embraced with Love in Our Hearts for One another, so we may never lose sight of God. 

Today is the perfect gift! Given for us All to BeHold!

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