Silence To Rejoicing!

Awe-struck by humility for what Christ did for me and the whole world. Disheartened that our world is so wretched that Our Saviour had to go through the pains of Our burdens All placed upon His shoulders to bear in order that sin conquered, leaves us with redemption through Him.

God is a Merciful and Loving God, showing us He is Love by redeeming us from Our own wretchedness. 

Bearing All for the sake of humanity! 

As we wait for Easter, we can realize that Our Faith is real, it is what unites us with Our Maker. His Glory written in Our Heart to share on This momentous occasion for He is Risen from Death to Everlasting Life.

Shine on in Our Hearts through each and every day to Glorify God! He Loved us enough to shed the life of sin for us, because we could not do it ourselves. It is through Him, with Him and in Him that we have the Grace of God to Live.

May we prepare for His arrival and accept His Gift of redemption to Live again with Him Forever! Amen!

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