Gratitude for God, Christ Has Risen!

My Gratitude is for the Son and Father with Their Love of All of us!  The Lord endured all the suffering and is establishing Hearts aflame with Love for God and His Image throughout the World!

God gave His Son and redeemed man from sin by forgiving us and bearing the burden of our sins and giving us new Life in the Spirit. May we remember the Glory God gave Christ as He raised Him from the dead to show Our Hearts how to Live! 

Living in Him, through Him, with Him in the Unity of Love Is our Destiny!

As We wait with the joyful Hope of Christ’s return, Let us Live in the Spirit of Love for One another as One. Let us Glorify Our Father who is in Heaven waiting for us,  giving us Our Abilities and Talents to Manifest His Love for Others and bring us All to Everlasting Life. 

Giving God Glory is Our Mission and Goal…Let Us Go Forward on Our Journey of Love! Amen!

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